Yuli Ziv,Gilles Montezin
 Nancy Bacich, Gilles Montezin, Tracy Stern
 Gilles Montezin, Andrew Axelrod
 Gilles Montezin, Tracy Stern
 Lisa Edelstein, Gilles Montezin, Laren Stover
 Gilles Montezin, Carmen Dell’Orefice
 Andrew Axelrod, Susan Graham, Gilles Montezin
 Guest, Kim Cattrall
 Miss Africa, Gilles Montezin
 Actress Julie Pinson
 Socialite and Shoeholics Magazine editor Tinu
 Gilles Montezin, Julie Newmar
 Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, I guided a tour with guests and curator Brooke Baldeschwiler
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